Underwood Towns

Underwood Towns are those cities, towns and villages which are associated with the Underwood Family.  They are villages where Underwood’s have been born, married, died, or lived for a large portion of their lives.

The first Underwood Towns were all in the south west of England, commencing at Atworth in Wiltshire before spreading to Dursley, Gloucestershire, then other areas of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Other towns became Underwood Towns as the family spread into London, Derbyshire and North Yorkshire.   There are now over a hundred and fifty Underwood Towns.  Sometimes the town may be somewhere where a single family member was born or lived.  Other towns are where many family members may have been born and settled.

Wherever there has been a substantial number of Underwood’s at a particular location we will eventually provide information here.  In particular we will provide historical information to try and explain why people moved into the area, why they stayed, and sometimes why they eventually left.

Some of the areas where members of the Underwood Family have settled include Dursley in Gloucestershire, Matlock in Derbyshire, and areas of London.  There are large numbers of directly related ‘Underwood’s in all those areas.  There are also numerous areas where there have been smaller numbers of Underwood family members, with many various reasons for people to be living or working in those areas.

The geography and history of the Underwood Towns is both fascinating and a vital part in understanding how locations helped to form the Underwood family tree.