Thomas Meakin Family

Thomas Meakin Family.  Thomas Meakin was born in 1752 and married Mary Bancroft who was born in 1762.

Their son, Thomas Meakin, was born in 1795 at Chellaston, Derbyshire, and married Sarah Heath who was born in 1798. They married at Stanton by Bridge, Derbyshire in 1820 and had fourteen children born at Chellaston:

  • William Bancroft Meakin born in 1821
  • Thomas Meakin born in 1822
  • Twins John Meakin and Ann Meakin born in 1823
  • Mary Meakin born in 1826
  • Henry Meakin born in 1827
  • George Meakin born in 1828
  • John Meakin born in 1830
  • Henry Meakin born in 1832
  • Edward Meakin born in 1834
  • Betsey Meakin born 1836
  • Sarah Ann Meakin born in 1837
  • Twins Ann Meakin and Agnes Meakin born in 1839

George Meakin who was born in 1828 Married Hanna Bates. They had at least one child, Agnes Meakin who was born in 1855 at Shardlow, Derbyshire and Christened the same year at Chellaston Parish Church. She married Octavious Underwood at Nottingham in 1895, and they had six children.

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