William Lusty Family

The Lusty Family originate from Gloucestershire and have twice married into the Underwood family.

William Lusty was born in Gloucestershire during 1804 and married Rachel Ferebee at Uley, Gloucestershire in 1822. They had several children including Alfred Lusty born at Uley in 1828 and William Lusty born at Uley in 1829.

William Lusty married Elizabeth Virgo at Uley in 1850. William Lusty’s daughter, Emma Jane Lusty was born at Dursley, Gloucestershire and married Orlando Underwood at Dursley in 1881.

Alfred Lusty married Ellen Pierce at Uley in 1847. Alfred Lusty’s son, Arthur Lusty, was born at Uley in 1864 and married Alice Curtis Underwood at Dursley in 1893.

There are over twenty “Lusty’s” on the Underwood Family Tree. It is possible to go back further than our earliest one of William Lusty born in 1804, and we are aware of many other descendants of William Lusty who are not on our family tree.

The number of children that William’s Father, and William himself, had makes the Lusty Family Tree problematical. For instance, two children of William may have had children themselves, with each child born in the same year and given the same name. This makes it difficult to subsequently decide which child goes with which father. We have noticed quite a few Lusty Family Trees on the internet where children are obviously listed as the child of their uncle rather than of their father.

We have also noticed that some records have been incorrectly transcribed and are different from their original source. There may be errors on our own tree, and we are currently double checking the Lusty’s on our tree. For this reason, on our own Underwood Family Tree we no longer add Lusty’s from transcripts unless we have also seen the original source. We are only adding members of the Lusty family where we have photographic evidence of registers, certificates and census records.


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