Family Surnames

Family Surnames are more than Underwood.  The Underwood Family tree contains many different family surnames in addition to ‘Underwood’ due to female members of the Underwood family taking the name of their husbands when they got married, and due to the women who married male members of the family and who  linked their surname to the Underwood Family.

The list of family surnames currently associated with the Underwood Family tree includes all the following:

Adams, Arden, Atkinson, Atter, Bancroft, Bates, Bennett, Beresford, Binding, Birmingham, Bourne, Bowmer, Bridle, Brown, Buckton, Budding, Burn, Bush, Butlin, Clutton, Craske, Curtis, Day, Dutton, Ellis, Field, Flint, Foulk, Grace, Green, Hall, Hamilton, Hanley, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Heath, Higton, Holmes, Howard, Inghams, Johnson, Kavanagh, Keeling, Kent, King, Lane, Larner, Leather, Lewis, Lociks, Longster, Lupton, Lusty, MacDermott, Meakin, Mountain, Murray, Murthick, Owen, Palegthorpe, Pavely, Reed, Rhodes, Riddick, Robinson, Rookes, Saul, Sharp, Spencer, Spill, Stone, Swann, Sykes, Thomas, Tillier, Tomlinson, Turner, Underwood, Vasey, Welham, Wheatley, Widdison, Williams, Wilson, Winfield, Wrightson.

If you have any of those family surnames, we could be related!

Some of those surnames are new to our family, for example recent women marrying into or out of the family.  Other surnames married into or out of the family over the past two hundred years going back into the 1700’s.  Similarly, just as Underwood’s have moved to all areas of England, and further, families of the above surnames have also moved far and wide.

The earliest members of the Underwood Family came from Wiltshire, England, but very quickly moved to Gloucestershire, London, and Derbyshire.  Similarly, other surnames became added to the Underwood Family from far and wide, and there is at least one branch of the family that moved to the United States of America.

Doris added the Thomas name to the Family Surnames and Doris
Marriage of Richard Underwood and Doris Thomas at Singapore in 1940 added the Thomas surname to the list of Underwood Family Surnames

The furthest marriage we have so far identified happened in Singapore, when Doris Thomas married Richard Underwood a year before the fall of Singapore to the Japanese during World War Two.  How Doris happened to be working at Singapore, and how Richard happened to be serving in the Army at Singapore, is fully explained on the Underwood Family Tree, complete with images.

Members of the family are known to have fought in the Second Boer War, the First World War and the Second World War, and there have been members of the family in the Army, the Air Force, the Police, and as Paramedics.

Those who have married into the Underwood Family, or who have married out of the Underwood Family and into families with other family surnames, are a fascinating diverse bunch of people and we are proud of our heritage and family membership.

If your family surname is connected to the Underwood Family, then you are welcome to register as a member of the Underwood Family Tree.