Clutton Family

The Clutton Family became linked to the Underwood Family Tree in 1940 when Doris Thomas Married Richard Underwood in Singapore in 1940. Doris’s mother, Lillian Thomas (nee Clutton) was the Daughter of William Clutton who was born at Worthenbury, North Wales, in 1854. William’s Father was called John Clutton, and he was born in 1829 also at Worthenbury.

15 members of the Clutton Family are currently listed on the Underwood Family tree, most of whom were born in or around Worthenbury.

Clutton Family Church. St Deiniol's Worthenbury
St Deiniol’s Worthenbury Parish Church. Built 1736-9

We have details of many other members of the Clutton Family at Worthenbury going back to 1684, and we can identify about 80 different people from images of the Worthenbury Parish Church baptisms, marriages and burials registers. The earliest of these is the marriage of Randle Clutton to Elizabeth Davis on 22 November 1684.

Despite recording all these records on a spreadsheet we are unable to link any members of the Clutton Family to the Underwood Family tree other than the 15 already linked. The main reasons for this is the way in which very early records were recorded. For example, a birth often only recorded the name of the child and name of his father, with no other details of father’s age, or mother’s details.

If you are a member of the Clutton Family, you may be related to the Underwood Family, or you may be related to some of the other Clutton’s we have records for.

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