Contents of this website are currently being transfered to WIKITREE.

The transfer of everything will take some time, but once the transfer has been completed, at the end of 2019 this website will be closing down.

All the information will still be available to view on the WIKITREE website provided you are registered and logged into WikiTree, and registration is free.

You can view My Wikitree Profile and once registered on WikiTree and logged in you will see be able to see everything else once the transfer has been completed.


I have been the only person maintaining the site and nobody else seemed keen to help. That’s fine. I know looking after websites is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, because I am in my 70’s I have been aware that if something happened to me all the information on this site would be lost.

Moving the information to the WIKITREE website will ensure all the information is always available for the forseeable future, and is not dependent upon me always being available.

Hope to see you on the new site sometime. When you get there, once you have registered, why not message me to let me know.