Genealogy pages of the Underwood Family Tree Website.

These pages supply genealogical information to supplement the information contained in the Underwood Family Tree website.

Whilst the family tree website contains full information about the actual members of Underwood Family Tree, these genealogy pages contain information of a more generic nature unrelated to a single person or single surname.

Information on these pages will include:

  • Online genealogy resources and family tree resources that will be of use for current and future genealogists.
  • Timeline of important events through which ancestors have lived, both nationally and in some cases locally.
  • Information about how towns have changed through the ages in which members of the Underwood Family have lived in them.
  • Information about how jobs have changed through the ages.
  • Information about various family surnames connected to the Underwood Family.
  • Information about how census returns were managed and conducted.
  • Information about important political events that have influenced members of the Underwood family.

Any genealogy information that doesn’t directly relate to the family tree will be entered on the genealogy pages rather than the actual family tree pages, so we hope these pages will eventually prove to be an important resource for genealogists within the United Kingdom.

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